Nostalgia: Resurgence


Human beings. There is a constant urge to feel something familiar, something safe. Often I wonder if it's something inherent, or some thing that is developed over a span of time. For example, there something sacred, at least to me, about sliding a quarter dollar into that slot on the front of cabinet. Don't make any quick judgments, please. I'm the 3rd born of a group of dudes raised in the 80's. As such, I realize that I'll be sucker for nostalgic video games for the rest of my life. But is that something to be ashamed of? Should I feel guilty for not feeling the call of the Call of Duty? I say nay . And yet a plethora of my companions look at me as if I'm some sort of artifact... a fossil if you will. What is it about the pixel perfect graphics that make me tingle? Something sacred, something special, something hidden but something obvious. There's no answer.. there can't be. Such is the law of modern progression. But I propose.... Something! ( What do I call it? No idea. After all, this is a relatively new form of art/expression..) Nevertheless! I believe that there is something coming..

In the future, cynics like Roger Ebert will realize the folly of their ways, and embrace this new form of expression as something as important as the film. After all, the film does nothing more than incorporate a complex narrative with visuals and audible aids, right? How is the video game different? There is the obvious inclusion of human interaction... Which is negligible? I think not.

Hear me out, laugh at me..

You must do what you feel is right, of course.


  1. older is better
    i need to play earthbound
    and fuck call of duty it died after the 2nd one...

  2. Call of duty? More like call of doodie.
    (joke recycle)

    Adam, the answer lies within collaboration. Video games can be all that cinema is...but something has to be done...the current coarse will not suffice!


  3. K, there are exceptions. I've played certain games that effect me more deeply than most movies- and that's the point of cinema right, to engage and effect a viewer. It's obviously rare but possible, but yeah- if video games were developed like they should be (like they used to be while also taking advantage of a newer technology) then they could probably stand along side something like film and be recognized as an art form that is equally special and praiseworthy.


  4. Ok that's it! I am taking 3/4 credit for the amazing writing talent K & A have developed over the years. So what if I pucked up with math....math does not shine like the mighty pen (that is an antique instrument used for writing)



    (Post Script: why do I have to choose a profile to post here? non-freedom mandate....no likey